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Sorrento Therapeutics Puts Wraps on Antibody Library | San Diego Business Journal19 Apr

Local development-stage biotech Sorrento Therapeutics has developed a
library of over a trillion human monoclonal antibodies, and aims to
sell access to it to other drug developers to fund the building of its
own drug development process.

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Can The Genome Be Cracked for $5,000? OVP, Enterprise Partners Say Yes in $45M Round | Xconomy25 Aug

An update from Complete Gemonics on their commitment to bring a $5000 genome product to market this year; they’ve had delays, but now they have $45M in cash to build their production process. Expect sequencing tool manufacturers like San Diego area Life Technologies and Illumina to be watching this carefully.

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AltheaDx Raising $6M | Xconomy21 Aug

Another sign of recovery – local biotech Althea raises venture capital to keep investing in biomarkers and other diagnostics. Althea looks particularly interesting for their work on KRAS oncogenes.

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Brain Cells Inc., No Dummy, Raised $50M Before Recession Got Really Ugly | Xconomy30 Jul

More back story on Brain Cells Inc and their brain cell regrowth stimulators BCI-540 and BCI-838.

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Northwest VCs See Existential Threat, and a Change in the Entrepreneurial Mindset | Xconomy22 Jul

True not just for the Northwest but for venture capital everywhere these days; with the IPO market closed, firms need to race to get to positive cash flow. QOTD:

“The mindset of the entrepreneur has changed,” Gottesman says. “In IT, there’s more of a sense that you need to get to cash flow positive as quickly as possible. It’s a control-your-own-destiny mentality. That’s versus the attitude you might have seen in frothier times, which was that there’s always more money around the corner, so grow, grow, grow at all costs.” 

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MC10 Tapping Founding VC North Bridge Venture Partners to Advance Stretchable Silicon Business | Xconomy14 Jul

And from the big biofuels announcement this morning to stretchable silicon. Boston startup MC10 has received $5M in Series A funding to bring their new stretchable silicon technology to market. The technology has potential uses in flexible sensors, wearable computing and “always connected” biomedical devices.
Now why am I thinking about Major Motoko Kusanagi and Ghost in the Shell?

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San Diego Biotech Funding Update13 Jul

Venture capital continued to flow in modest amounts to San Diego area biotechs last week…

Helixis Raises $5.5M | Xconomy

Nexus Biosystems Raises $5M | Xconomy

…while Arena with its potential obesity blockbuster Lorcaserin made $52.1M on a second stock offering.  Arena shares closed nicely up on the day.

Arena Raises $52.1M in Offering | Xconomy

Meanwhile, in a bit of twisted unintentional sadism, one local firm can’t even generate enough shareholder interest to liquidate and close up shop.

TorreyPines Delays its Dissolution | Xconomy

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Investment Markets unfreezing for small businesses?29 May

It’s been interesting this week to watch small local companies announce cash infusions, both through loans and floating stock. Although amounts are small, it looks like credit and securities markets are unfreezing from earlier this year, at least for interesting tech bets.

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