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Oracle Scoops Up Phase Forward for $685 Million | Xconomy21 Apr

Oracle, which already markets its product Oracle Clinical to
pharmaceutical companies, announces acquisition of Waltham MA based
Phase Forward to add to its suite. Phase Forward uses a Software as a Service product to help pharmaceutical companies move from paper-based management and submission of clinical trials data to an electronic form. Friends working in clinical trials data management and competitors like Microsoft Amalga LS will watch this closely.

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EMR Roll Call: Who Should Microsoft Acquire?19 Apr

A thoughtful analysis of why Microsoft should acquire a partner in the Electronic Health Record space, as well as a brief analysis of the top ten contender firms.  I particularly enjoyed the retelling of the Great Plains/Navision CRM success story as background.

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Illumina and Glenn Close Announce the First Full Coverage DNA Sequencing of a Named Female11 Mar

In a brilliant piece of co-marketing, Glenn Close and sequencing giant Illumina announce the full coverage DNA sequencing of her genome. How many more people do you think there are this morning asking if they should have their full genome sequenced? And do you think our Health IT systems are ready for this?

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Siemens Licenses Microsoft HealthVault | Xconomy01 Mar

Looks like I missed this announcement when it initially came out, but in a major score for Microsoft HealthVault, the team has announced a business partnership with German industrial giant Seimens. This will make Germany the third country to use HealthVault, after the US and Canada.

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Microsoft HealthVault Makes Pitch to Hospitals, Tries to Crack Tough Nut of Health-IT Adoption | Xconomy01 Mar

David Cerino of Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group – the HealthVault and the Amalga lineup – announces HealthVault Community Connect at the HIMSS10 conference in Atlanta, and clarifies the group’s strategy of moving consumers to Personal Health Records (PHRs) by selling hospitals on the value proposition first. The new product will be based on the SharePoint platform, and is scheduled for wide availability in the third quarter of this year.

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My Harley and my health record08 Jul

You know, today I took my Harley to the dealership and realized – to my huge dismay – that my Harley has a better electronic health record than I do.

  •  I can walk into any Harley dealership in the world, and techs will have access to the full service and repair record of my motorcycle. My health records are moldering in insecure paper files in at least eight different institutions worldwide, where I am lucky to get and grant any access whatsoever.
  • Every Harley dealership in the world knows that my motorcycle has never used synthetic motor oil, and switching to it now might cause engine problems. If I’m incapacitated, how will a doctor know about my allergy to penicillin.
  • Harley-Davidson is able to track recurring problems in their motorcycles, and it performs free upgrades to fix serious issues. Without comprehensive electronic records, how can pharma companies and surgeons track the long-term effects of their therapies? No question, this contributes to the risks of developing new therapies that could benefit many.

For an extended discussion of the upsides and risks of building a learning, Internet-enabled healthcare system, I strongly recommend the Institute of Medicine’s Learning Healthcare System Concepts v. 2008 – linked below. It’s a real eye-opener on just what we are losing by relying on mouldering paper pulp as our health storage system.

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Medsphere Raising $15M | Xconomy31 May

Here’s a company to keep an eye on. Carlsbad-based Medsphere is commercializing an open-source version of VistA, an electronic health record service developed for the VA.

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NEJM — Use of Electronic Health Records in U.S. Hospitals31 May

From New England Journal of Meducine, actual use of Electronic Health Record systems (EHR) in US hospitals, as reported by David Blumenthal, now Barack Obama’s National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.
Particularly noteworthy are that only 3% of respondent hospitals had a fully functional EHR system, and that the VA EHR system – in place for over a decade – is a big success story the administration is trying to emulate.

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Healthcare IT Consultant Blog: Leading Healthcare Technology Companies Launch National Physician Education Program on Stimulus and Electronic Health Records19 May

A new consortium from a group of companies positioned to benefit from ARRA Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) investments, including Allscripts, Cisco, Intuit and Microsoft. Scroll down for a soundbyte from each on how they plan to contribute.

Healthcare Information Technology

Healthcare Information Technology and Personal Health Record solutions to watch13 May

Some Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) and Personal Health Record (PHR) solutions to keep an eye on as ARRA pumps money into online medical records:
Microsoft Amalga is an enterprise solution for hospitals, which aggregates disparate data stores (medications, electronic medical records, imaging and radiology, labs etc.) in a single information system. Developed by Washington Hospital Center, it was acquired by Microsoft in 2006. Amalga currently runs on Windows Server and SQL Server 2005.
In a strategically interesting move, Microsoft has just launched a version of Amalga for research organizations, Amalga Life Sciences. This product brings business intelligence tools to the suite of integrated healthcare data services.
Two Amalga competitors in the hospital HIT space are dbMotion and Orion Health
  • dbMotion spun off of Ness Technologies in 2004, and lists Vertex Venture Capital and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center among its investors.
  • Orion Health is a privately held organization based in Auckland, New Zealand with approximately 250 employees.
Microsoft HealthVault is Personal Health Record (PHR) system, a consumer-oriented health and fitness store, which healthcare providers can implement. As of April, HealthVault is an integrated option for Amalga.
Google Health is another Personal Health Record (PHR), sponsored of course by our friends at Google.
Indivo is the third main PHR solution in use here in the US. Indivo is open source, as opposed to Google which uses open source tools to build proprietary solutions like Google Health, so organizations that implement Indivo are able to customize the solution from ground up.

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