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Xconomy | Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires Life Technologies in $13.6B Deal15 Apr

Local champion Life Technologies has been looking for a suitor to purchase it, and this morning announced that Thermo-Fisher is the lucky winner. Strikingly, Life Tech’s eCommerce solution is seen as strategic in the deal:

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BigThink: How to Read Your Own Body With Data04 Mar

At, Managing Editor Daniel Honan discusses the intersection of two of the biggest trends in healthcare and personalized medicine today – supporting patients from home with telemedicine, and tracking health information on an ongoing basis as in the Quantified Self movement.

I’ve been tracking food, exercise, water, sleep, steps walked and weight since Thanksgiving; as Daniel mentions, the data itself and the knowledge that my dietitian will review my logs each week have both had strong effects on my compliance.

How to Read Your Own Body With Data.

Industry Updates

Fixing the Broken Model: Look Inside Your Company | Xconomy25 Jun

From Sylvia Pagán Westphal at, some great anecdotes from the pharmaceutical industry on expensive missteps in bringing new molecules to market – including a missed pharma/CRO data integration issue we’ve documented in LSIT’s Data Management Good Informatics Practices.

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NYTimes: Scientists Cite Advances on Two Kinds of Cancer05 Jun

It’s terrific to see such great results from recent oncology research,
including from our local Pfizer gang in La Jolla. I love Dr. Mano’s
anecdote about a critically ill patient who, two weeks into treatment
with a new experimental drug, was trolling the streets of Seoul
looking for good restaurants!

From The New York Times:

Scientists Cite Advances on Two Kinds of Cancer

Studies report significant progress taming two of the most intractable
types of cancer, melanoma and lung cancer.

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Illumina Announces New Pricing for its Individual Genome Sequencing Service03 Jun

Hot off the presses, Illumina has just lowered prices on its Individual Genome Sequencing services to $19,500 – or $9,500 for patients with serious medical conditions who could benefit.

Healthcare Information Technology

Oracle Scoops Up Phase Forward for $685 Million | Xconomy21 Apr

Oracle, which already markets its product Oracle Clinical to
pharmaceutical companies, announces acquisition of Waltham MA based
Phase Forward to add to its suite. Phase Forward uses a Software as a Service product to help pharmaceutical companies move from paper-based management and submission of clinical trials data to an electronic form. Friends working in clinical trials data management and competitors like Microsoft Amalga LS will watch this closely.

Healthcare Information Technology

EMR Roll Call: Who Should Microsoft Acquire?19 Apr

A thoughtful analysis of why Microsoft should acquire a partner in the Electronic Health Record space, as well as a brief analysis of the top ten contender firms.  I particularly enjoyed the retelling of the Great Plains/Navision CRM success story as background.

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Sorrento Therapeutics Puts Wraps on Antibody Library | San Diego Business Journal19 Apr

Local development-stage biotech Sorrento Therapeutics has developed a
library of over a trillion human monoclonal antibodies, and aims to
sell access to it to other drug developers to fund the building of its
own drug development process.

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Illumina CEO Jay Flatley on How to Keep an Edge in the Fast-Paced World of Gene Sequencing | Xconomy06 Apr

Xconomy’s Luke Timmerman interviews Illumina CEO Jay Flatley on
innovation, competition and staying on top. Particularly insightful
are his views on the competitive landscape for next-gen sequencing,
bioinformatics and why there aren’t any billion-dollar bioinformatics companies (yet)
and the coming data management challenge in sequence data.

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Illumina and Glenn Close Announce the First Full Coverage DNA Sequencing of a Named Female11 Mar

In a brilliant piece of co-marketing, Glenn Close and sequencing giant Illumina announce the full coverage DNA sequencing of her genome. How many more people do you think there are this morning asking if they should have their full genome sequenced? And do you think our Health IT systems are ready for this?

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