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Healthcare Information Technology

Oracle Scoops Up Phase Forward for $685 Million | Xconomy21 Apr

Oracle, which already markets its product Oracle Clinical to pharmaceutical companies, announces acquisition of Waltham MA based Phase Forward to add to its suite. Phase Forward uses a Software as a Service product to help pharmaceutical companies move from paper-based management and submission of clinical trials data to an electronic form. Friends working in clinical [...]
Healthcare Information Technology

EMR Roll Call: Who Should Microsoft Acquire?19 Apr

A thoughtful analysis of why Microsoft should acquire a partner in the Electronic Health Record space, as well as a brief analysis of the top ten contender firms.  I particularly enjoyed the retelling of the Great Plains/Navision CRM success story as background. http://www.softwareadvice.com/articles/medical/microsoft-emr-its-not-just-a-matter-of-when-its-a-matter-of-who-1040510/
Healthcare Information Technology

Siemens Licenses Microsoft HealthVault | Xconomy01 Mar

Looks like I missed this announcement when it initially came out, but in a major score for Microsoft HealthVault, the team has announced a business partnership with German industrial giant Seimens. This will make Germany the third country to use HealthVault, after the US and Canada. http://www.xconomy.com/seattle/2010/01/28/siemens-licenses-microsoft-healthvault/
Healthcare Information Technology

Microsoft HealthVault Makes Pitch to Hospitals, Tries to Crack Tough Nut of Health-IT Adoption | Xconomy01 Mar

David Cerino of Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group – the HealthVault and the Amalga lineup – announces HealthVault Community Connect at the HIMSS10 conference in Atlanta, and clarifies the group’s strategy of moving consumers to Personal Health Records (PHRs) by selling hospitals on the value proposition first. The new product will be based on the SharePoint [...]
Industry Updates

Microsoft and the National Science Foundation Enable Research in the Cloud05 Feb

An exciting announcement from Microsoft Research – Microsoft is going to give away free Azure cloud computing access to researchers through the National Science Foundation. It will be fun to see more scientific computing solutions on the .NET platform as a result of Microsoft’s research support!   http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2010/feb10/02-04NSFPR.mspx
Industry Updates

Microsoft, Dipping Toe Deeper into Life Sciences, Buys Rosetta Assets from Merck | Xconomy04 Jun

This week Microsoft announced it will purchase the Rosetta Biosoftware division from Merck. This looks like a huge win/win/win combo; Merck gets out of a software business it doesn’t really “get”, Microsoft instantly becomes a serious player in the bioinformatics space with partnerships with Affymetrix and Illumina, and the biotech field gets serious software engineering [...]

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    One of our team members is now working with Hospira on infuser product support. Contact us to find out more!

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    We're currently working with online elections provider Everyone Counts, Inc. Contact us to find out more!

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