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Using HIV as Model, Anadys Develops Drug Cocktail Ingredient for Hepatitis C | Xconomy31 Jul

And great backstory from in HCV and treatment similarities (including business model parallels) with HIV.

Industry Updates

Anadys Cleared to Start HepC Trial | Xconomy31 Jul

It’s a hot week for Hepatitis C (HCV) treatment news. This morning local biotech Anadys was cleared by the FDA for more extensive trials of their non-nuc HCV treatment – which in early trials was shown to be extremely effective in reducing virus levels quickly.

.gen Tech News

30 Jul

For our next project, we will be building a serial interface sniffer component, enabling debugging and emulation of messaging between a .NET application on Windows Server 2003 and embedded software components. Contact us to find out if we can do something similar for your team!

Industry Updates

Vertex Grabs $105M in Amended Telaprevir Deal with Mitsubishi | Xconomy30 Jul

More creative biotech funding, this time from Boston-based Vertex to develop and market their Hepatitis C protease inhibitor Telaprevir. Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma is putting $105M of its money where its mouth is for the rights to market this potential blockbuster in Asia.

Industry Updates

AVI Biopharma Moves Headquarters from Portland to Seattle to Tap Biotech Talent | Xconomy30 Jul

Further afield, AVI Biopharma ups roots in Corvallis OR to tap the larger life sciences talent pool in Seattle. Can’t help but wonder if they wouldn’t have found a more hospitable talent environment here in San Diego.

 Also interesting are the scrappy funding moves AVI has made this year, tacking with defense contracts and patient advocacy grants despite dry credit and venture capital markets. Creative finance is one of the things I find most fascinating about the biotech sector.

Industry Updates

Orexigen Raises $70M | Xconomy30 Jul

A hefty stock float for local biotech Orexigen gives it an additional $70M to develop its experimental obesity drug.

Industry Updates,Venture Capital

Brain Cells Inc., No Dummy, Raised $50M Before Recession Got Really Ugly | Xconomy30 Jul

More back story on Brain Cells Inc and their brain cell regrowth stimulators BCI-540 and BCI-838.

Industry Updates

BrainCells Depression Drug Reaches Goal | Xconomy30 Jul

Local biotech BrainCells reports strong results in a mid-sized clinical trial of their new depression therapy, which tackles depression by stimulating growth of new brain cells.

Venture Capital

Northwest VCs See Existential Threat, and a Change in the Entrepreneurial Mindset | Xconomy22 Jul

True not just for the Northwest but for venture capital everywhere these days; with the IPO market closed, firms need to race to get to positive cash flow. QOTD:

“The mindset of the entrepreneur has changed,” Gottesman says. “In IT, there’s more of a sense that you need to get to cash flow positive as quickly as possible. It’s a control-your-own-destiny mentality. That’s versus the attitude you might have seen in frothier times, which was that there’s always more money around the corner, so grow, grow, grow at all costs.” 

Venture Capital

MC10 Tapping Founding VC North Bridge Venture Partners to Advance Stretchable Silicon Business | Xconomy14 Jul

And from the big biofuels announcement this morning to stretchable silicon. Boston startup MC10 has received $5M in Series A funding to bring their new stretchable silicon technology to market. The technology has potential uses in flexible sensors, wearable computing and “always connected” biomedical devices.
Now why am I thinking about Major Motoko Kusanagi and Ghost in the Shell?

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  • - 2013/03/04

    One of our team members is now working with Hospira on infuser product support. Contact us to find out more!

  • - 2010/10/24

    We're currently working with online elections provider Everyone Counts, Inc. Contact us to find out more!

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