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Gen-Probe Amends Deal to Get Promising Test for Prostate Cancer | Xconomy30 Apr

Gen-Probe, one of my favorite local biotechs, agrees to cash infusions for Canadian partner DiagnoCure after very promising results on their new prostrate cancer diagnostic. The new diagnostic, which looks for gene PCA3 in urine, has the potential to reduce the high number of biopsies, false positives and unnecessary pain they cause.

Industry Updates

Prize Capital Moves Closer to Creating $10 Million Algae Fuel Prize | Xconomy29 Apr

Here the $10,000,000 prize for algae biofuels is interesting, and so is the hybrid funding model – venture capital up front, an investment stake and also the prize for the winners. The combined package looks quite attractive in an economy where IPOs are almost impossible.

Industry Updates

Components and Design in Synthetic Biology28 Apr

Using “off-the-shelf” genetic components and designing the proper sequence of events with IT modeling allows a team of scientists to create a novel switch in beer yeast in the lab. Unlike the genetic “hacking” already in use to make human insulin from E. Coli cultures, this approach has the potential to create novel cell responses not seen in nature.

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Illumina Anticipates Purchasing Slowdown | Xconomy24 Apr

Local biotech Illumina sees a slowdown in purchasing their large, full genome sequencing systems. However, with their substantial cash reserves the company can afford to play the long game.

Industry Updates

Bridgepoint Education – Top Business in San Diego22 Apr

Turns out that Bridgepoint was ranked the #1 Business San Diego 2008 in’s Company Rankings. Here’s their company profile from the site:

Industry Updates

Zenobia Therapeutics, Inspired by Warrior Queen, Focuses on Developing Drug for Parkinson’s Disease22 Apr

A great story of a scrappy 8 person biotech startup, taking contract work to fund their research. Also, LRRK2 (Lark2) is a protein to keep an eye on as Parkinson’s research proceeds.

Industry Updates

Looking For Signs of Life in San Diego’s VC Deals |20 Apr

One thing about the mobility and wireless space; because they’re embedded software, startups don’t run cheap. Meanwhile, all of San Diego’s venture capital is going to biotech.

Industry Updates

Bridgepoint IPO nets $142M | Xconomy15 Apr

Looks like our friends at Bridgeport Education will be purchasing more luxury automobiles, although it appears they netted less on their IPO than they wanted to.

Industry Updates

Dendreon Immune Booster for Prostate Cancer Helps Men Live Longer; Shares Boom | Xconomy14 Apr

Seattle-based Dendreon reports success from their long-awaited trial. Their approach – training the immune system to respond better to cancers – also shows promise as part of future combo therapies.

Industry Updates

Amylin Braces for Proxy Battle Amid Flurry of Filings | Xconomy09 Apr

A nice summary of the continuing saga of Amylin drama. I’m sure there are opportuninties there for the wise and wary…

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